Energy Agency of Northern Bavaria

Erich Maurer 
Manuela Endres
Margit Deutschmann
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Ideal project partner:

In order to gain in-depth information about barriers of usage of trigeneration, all relevant partners will be analyzed. The research project is conducted in cooperation with the following ideal project partners from Germany.

AGO AG Energie + Anlagen


“AGO AG Energie+Anlagen“ is a manufacturer of combined cooling, heat and power plants in Kulmbach.  

Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH


“Bosch KWK Systeme GmbH“ is located in Lollar (Hessen) and manufactures as well combined cooling, heat and power systems.

Carrier GmbH & Co. KG


The company “Carrier GmbH & Co. KG“ is a manufacturer of refrigeration- and control systems in Unterschleißheim. 


The partner from energy industry are the energy supplier companies infra fürth gmbh in Fürth ( and N-ERGIE AG in Nürnberg/Nuremberg (

Associations represented in the project are the Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung e.V. (B.KWK) ( and the Green Chiller Verband für Sorptionskälte e.V. (

The Thüringer Energie- und GreenTechAgentur (ThEGA) ( support the project as well.