Public promotion from the EEG

Public support provided by the EEG in regard to CHP power plants is available only when the power plant is producing energy from one of the following sources:

  • Solid biomass
  • Biogas or bio-methane
  • Gas from purification plants, landfill gas, mine gas
  • Geothermal energy

The EEG supports biomass plants up to a maximum of 20MWel. Larger plants can receive only a partial support. The sources which are referred to by Biomass, can be found in the ‘Regulation for Biomass’ (in german: Biomasseverordnung). It states as well, which technical processes for the generation of electricity from Biomass are supported by the EEG.

From 2014 on, the direct marketing is mandatory for new plants above 500kWel. and from 01.01.2016 above 100kWel. Smaller plants are guaranteed a feed-in remuneration for 20 Years including the year of initial operation.

Operator with direct marketing will receive a bonus, calculated by the difference of amount according to the rate of remuneration and exchange price. The plant has to be remote-controlled for being eligible for the bonus. The rate of remuneration can be found from the ‘Förderkompass des Vereins Bayerische Energieagenturen e.V.’.

The EEG puts a burden on the produced and used electricity, whereas this burden however is lower for highly efficient CHP plants and if alternative energy sources are used. 

Explanation of direct marketing:
As a result of the mandatory direct marketing, the user of plants have to offer the generated electricity on the exchange market themselves or via a third party. The user receives a market bonus in addition to the exchange market price.